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Comparison: YellowBook® website vs. BizwebToday website.

What's confusing is the YellowBook® pricing-structure. They seem to roll the cost of making a website and the cost of hosting a website into one monthly bill of between $69.- and $129.- for a 5-page website. 

BizwebToday charges $895.- for making a great 5-page website. 
After that, all you pay is the monthly web-hosting fee of $3.99 

Also important to know. We write all the text and we create an Internet marketing strategy custom tailored to your business. You're never asked to sign a contract and you are always the owner of your domain name.  

How will your next customer find you?
When I need a plumber, I do what most people do. I go to Google and I type:
plumber Santa Barbara, CA. (I live in Santa Barbara). The results I get is a list of plumbers
in my area. If you are a plumber, you need to be on that list with a business website,
designed to attract new customers.

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Driving visitors to your website
Most web designers offer you a paragraph or two and a few pictures.
We focus on driving visitors to your website and converting these visitors into
Remember, I built your website and I write all the text. Well-written text is
what compels people to contact you. It also helps your website to rank high in Google.
What's next if I want my own business website?
Use the contact box at the top of the page to send me a

message or call 617 519 5484 for more information
(no high pressure sales tactics).

What we do next is: meet at my office,
a coffee-shop, your
home or at the job site. There I do a little interview with you,
to find out how you want to present your company to the public.
A week later, I'll show you some ideas, and we're up and running.
- Very often we can do the entire project via phone and email -