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The Process
I cater mostly to people who have either limited computer and/or internet skills,
or have no time to spare. I will not try to dazzle you with a lot of "mumbojumbo".
The basics are actually fairly simple, and I know how to explain these things to a

First I will do an interview with you, to find out how you want to present your
company to the public. At this time, with your help, I will devise a marketing
strategy specifically tailored to the Internet. 

After a week or so I will show you a design that I think is appropriate; we both
look at it and make changes if necessary. If your company already has a "look",
through a logo, letterhead, or truck lettering,
then I will incorporate those colors
and design elements into your website.

Keep in mind that most web-design companies will ask you to provide all the text
yourself. Not me, I write all the copy and present it to you for approval. I understand
that your website is a tool to draw customers and what you say and how you say it is
very important.

    A few final thoughts...

  • Your website can be, and should be, an important part of your business.
  • You need a website simply because the Internet is where your customers are.

Affordable website for a small businesses ma

small business website

BizwebTODAY makes it easy

  • No need for you to do anything online
  • For a low fixed price I do all the legwork
  • I take the pictures if needed
  • I write all the text for you
  • I give you marketing ideas
  • Your own ".com" address (domain name)
  • Your own website quick and affordable